A downloadable game for Windows

Pyramad is a king of the kill style local multiplayer party game, in which minion-players work together to overcome an empowered boss-player. 

Minion-players must work together to progress up the pyramid; whilst avoiding the boss-player.

  • A match consists of 6-10 short, 30 second rounds.
  • Each round the obstacles are randomised.
  • Each round a different player is empowered, playing as a boss against all other players.
  • The minion-players each recieve a point for every minion at the top of the pyramid when the round timer expires.
  • The boss recieves a point for each player not at the top when the round timer expires.
  • At the end of the match the player with the most points is victorious.
  • There are three cosmetic maps to play on, one is randomly selected for each match.


Pyramad was developed by a team of 6 for the 48 hour UKIE Student Game Jam.


  • Left stick to move
  • A button to Jump
  • A button whilst in the air to ground pound as the boss. This has a five second cooldown; indicated by the symbol at the top of the pyramid.
  • Minions can jump off each other's heads to access higher stages of the pyramid.


  • 3 or 5 Players.
  • Xbox 360 controllers.

All assets and code are original; created for this project; with the following exceptions:

  • Main theme music
  • One surface shader


    • 5 x Level 5 Students
    • 1 x Level 6 Students


    The work presented here is that of our students. Although the page is run by the University of Chester, views in the games do not necessarily represent those of the University of Chester.

    Information on the BSc Games Development course at University of Chester can be found here

    Twitter: @UoCGamesDev

    Install instructions

    Locate download. Unzip folder. Double click Executable_Final.exe to run game. Best to use Fantastic graphics setting.


    Pyramad.zip 41 MB