A downloadable game for Windows

My Chester Story sees you take the role of a new student at the University of Chester. You will travel around the campus and transport experiencing life at the University of Chester. Your aim is to manage your grades, social and happiness stats throughout the year. Will you be able to maintain your stats and finish the year with a first class grade?


The game was built by fifteen level 5 students during our Experiential Learning module. This module takes place at the end of the year and sees students work full time in a studio for 6 weeks to create a game for a client.  The team were asked to create a marketing game for the university. The team produced a proof of concept prototype for the client, which you can download below.


  • Left mouse click in scene to move character
  • Right click and drag to move camera in a scene
  • Left click to interact with menus and objects


  • Windows PC
  • Android device


All students are were in their 2nd year.

Production and Design Team

  • Grant Mullock
  • Toby Blain
  • Isaac Hodgson-Downs
  • William Finney
  • Kane Duffy
  • Ben Denny

Art Team

  • Abbie Hunt
  • Daniel Stockdale
  • William Sowden
  • Dan Sayce

Programming Team

  • Ryan Lewis
  • Jon Stone
  • Andy Adamson
  • Matt Price
  • Stephen Evans


The work presented here is that of our students. Although the page is run by the University of Chester, views in the games do no necessarily represent those of the University of Chester.

Information on the BSc Games Development course at University of Chester can be found here

Twitter: @UoCGamesDev

Install instructions

Locate download. Unzip and run MyChesterStory.exe from the folder. Best to run game on Fantastic graphics setting.


MyChesterStory.zip (77 MB)